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Date of completion : 2022/05/03 | Creators : ITAVI | Languages : French | Geographical locations : France | Outdoor : No

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Thanks to NetPoulSafe network, the best practices to help farmers to improve biosecurity compliance in their farm are now being gathered in our resource database.

Digital material

In a few months, you will be able to access some resources in different formats :  

  • Vidéos
  • Podcasts
  • Abstracts
  • Best practice guides
  • Articles

that can be used on PC, smartphone and tablet. You can download a document in english or in your local language.

E-learning modules

For a more complete approach on specific items, please check our e-learning modules and on-line courses on Future Learn Platform (link to the platform).

Technical days and workshops

The results of the NetPoulSafe project will be presented during some poultry events, like technical days, workshops… Please check our News and Events sections for the calendar.

Discussion between poultry actors

Get more information from the NetPoulSafe network  by engaging discussion with poultry professionals, like farmers, and advisers on the Social media.