Société Nationale des Groupements Techniques Vétérinaires

France – sngtv.org

Contact: Jocelyn Marguerie & Charlotte Warembourg

veterinary expertise in the poultry industry

Sharing veterinarian expertise on the practical implementation of biosecurity practices and disseminating project results to the vets and through them, to the farmers.

A holistic view in poultry health, animal welfare and food safety will enable us to build practical solutions together and increase economic efficiency.

SNGTV is a French national network of veterinarians working with farm animals. It represents more than 2’100 large animal veterinarians in France. Its main activities include the implementation of trainings for vets (https://www2.sngtv.org/), the publication of a bi-monthly scientific journal (https://www.facebook.com/bulletindesgtv/), the organisation of a national annual conference (https://www.sngtv.org/4DACTION/NS2013_INDEX/2), the development of software designed to support veterinarians in their daily practice, as well as the participation and management of numerous projects in collaboration with public and private institutions (French ministry of Agriculture and Food, Animal Health Epidemiological Surveillance platform, GDS France, ENSV).

For its activities, the SNGTV leans on its experts, organized into topic-specific commissions. The SNGTV’s expertise ranges from large species such as cattle to tiny ones like bees and includes expertise on pigs, poultry, goats, sheep, equines and rabbits. It addresses important topics for vet partitioners such as milk quality, drugs, epidemiology, environment and antimicrobial resistance.

In particular, the SNGTV Poultry Committee gathers representatives of vets working in every production type within the French poultry industry: free-range broilers and layers, ducks, turkeys, hatcheries and breeders. Vets are important advisors and facilitate the information flow to and from the field. We believe that networking is the best way to foster communication between farmers, poultry industry, scientists, inter-branch poultry representatives and authorities.