Contact: Aitor Devesa Ruiz-Bravo

Laboratory of Diagnosis and Quality Control of the Poultry Sector

CESAC will develop the Project Handbook and will be in charge with CECAV of collecting data about Spanish Poultry AKIS and to disseminate the project results to them.

Only if all stakeholders involved in the poultry sector work together we will achieve a reduction of the pathogens that affecting our sector.

CESAC is a company created as the result of the collaboration between Catalonia and Aragon administrations and the private companies of the poultry sector of these two regions : Federació Avícola Catalana (FAC) and Avicultures Aragó (AVIAR). Our laboratory is designated by the agriculture, livestock, fishing and food Department of the Catalunya Government, for carrying out official analyses of the diseases included in the official bird programs in Catalonia such as Salmonella and Campylobacter. We dedicate our efforts to give:

  • Laboratory service : To help veterinarians to diagnose avian diseases such as Mycoplasmosis, Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastle virus, Influenza virus, Gumboro disease … in breeders hens, broilers, layers, turkeys, quails and partridges. We carry out the isolation and identification of the mainly poultry pathogens according to the official technique. Several Serology techniques are being employed as, Hemagglutination Inhibition Test (HAI), Enzyme-linked Inmunosorbent Assay (ELISA). Moreover, we employed Molecular biology techniques such as Real Time-PCR.
  • Support to the poultry farming : helping and answring our partners ‘ inqueries. 
  • Technical training : We carry out courses for the training of veterinarians, farmers, students, administration and farmers’ advisors.
  • Farm Sampling : Our field technicians visit our partners farm to take samples. Sometimes our veterinarians take these samples.

Moreover, we are the meeting point to exchange the knowledge between poultry technicians of Catalonia and Aragon. We have differents publications concerning Infectius Bronchitis Virus and Avian Hepatitis E virus.